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Studio & Portrait 101
a Michael Willems Signature Workshop

This intensive three-hour workshop covers a wide range of subjects, and you will learn to make a good professional studio portrait:

I. Flash fundamentals

1 Camera Settings

2 Why Manual Flash in a Studio

3 Pocketwizards, cable, and light

4 Using Studio Strobes

5 Using a light meter

  1. II.Setting up lights

6 Standard Portrait Lighting

7 Using modifiers

8 Broad, Short, & Rembrandt Lighting

  1. III. Posing

9 Backgrounds

10 Mood and trust

11 Standard posing for a headshot

12 Posing Groups

13 Problem solving

IV. The Real World: Putting It Into Practice

13 A simple one-light studio portrait

14 Making a standard business portrait

Taking your people photography to the next level

Every photographer needs to be able to make a studio portrait. And while it is actually remarkably simple, at first, “studio” can seem bewlidering. Strobes, pocketwizards, light meters, lighting schematics, backdrops, mounting brackets, camera settings: where do you even start? More knowledge would allow you to shoot more and worry less.

Rescue is at hand. One of North America’s most experienced photography teachers, pro photographer and flash guru Michael Willems is putting on a special version of his signature Studio 101 workshop at Hamilton Studio ( on several New Dates! This workshop is aimed specifically at photographers with an SLR camera who know the basics but who now want to l;earn how to do a professional studio portrait to be proud of.

Why this course?

While you are familiar with the camera, you are less familiar with studio photography, Studio strobes, multi-flash techniques; the camera’s settings; the range of available modifiers until now, there has been little good “to the point” training aimed at getting you up and running in three hours.

This workshop is the solution:  in one session, Michael helps you learn the ins and outs of studio portraiture.

Your Coach

Michael Willems ( is among North America’s premier teachers of photography, as well as being an experienced professional photographer.  An engineer by training, Michael teaches photography at Sheridan College, Vistek, and Cameratraining.Ca, and teaches advanced subjects to individuals, companies, and photographers.

Michael is an inspirational speaker who uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and has taught many photographers how to become more productive by getting most out of their equipment. His engaging and entertaining style ensures that you will learn in an effective way.



Evening, 14 May, $145 - Book NOW. Space is strictly limited.

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Sam Taylor, owner of Hamilton Studio and also TV studio operator with decades of experience, will be at hand to help with studio logistics and setup, leaving lots of time for you to shoot!

The course is taught in Sam’s amazing studio environment, Brick walls, grunge windows, wooden floors: we have all the elements. Even a cargo elevator.

Special Guest Star: Sam Taylor


“Thanks again for such a wonderful day, the class was full of great info and had fantastic hands on”

Lionel C., Oakville, ON