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Advanced Flash Workshop

“The workshop was the single most valuable photographic instructional learning experience I've had: thank you! 
Jackie N., Toronto, ON

This intensive four hour workshop covers a wide range of subjects, and you will learn to take advantage of your flash systems in theory and practice:

I. Flash fundamentals

1 Why and when to use Flash

2 Types of flash use

3 Four technical need-to-knows

II. Technical

4 TTL versus Manual: what to use when?

5 Pocketwizards, cable, and light

6 TTL and how to make it consistent

7 Must-Know technologies: Slow Flash, FEC and FEL

  1. III.Single and multiple flash

8 The Cardinal Rule for lighting people

9 Eureka: Balancing ambient and flash!

10 Four Gotchas, and solutions

IV. Flash Modifiers: when to use

11 Small Strobe Modifiers: the Honl modifier system, the Gary Fong Lightsphere;

12 Three ways to use gels: for effect, for correction, and for subtlety

IV. The Real World: Making Three Portfolio Shots with David Honl

13 A shot with one flash and modifier

14 A shot: with two flashes and modifiers

15 A creative shot: three flashes and various modifiers

You know photography - you do it all the time.

As a pro or amateur photographer, “wide angle”, “aperture”, “focus point selection” and “exposure compensation” will be familiar terms to you.

But you wish you knew subjects like Nikon I-TTL and CLS, Canon E-TTL II, modifiers, and flash custom settings as well as you know your photography basics.

The nitty gritty details of these systems can confuse even experienced pros. And how do you keep up-to-date with the latest range of peripherals, modifiers, and tools? When to use what? Knowing more of the technology would allow you to get more shots. Handle more situations. Be more creative. More knowledge would allow you to shoot more and worry less.

Rescue is at hand. One of North America’s most experienced photography teachers, pro photographer and flash guru Michael Willems is putting on a special version of his signature workshop in Toronto on March 19, 2011 to get you up-to-date. This workshop, taught previously in Toronto, Phoenix, Las Vegas and beyond, is aimed specifically at photographers who want a “flash” refresher. What’s more: Michael is joined by a special guest!

Why this course?

While you are great with the camera, you are less familiar with modern flash systems and with new techniques that have been developed for them. Advanced TTL and multi-flash techniques; the camera’s custom settings; the range of available modifiers; even the best way to care for your batteries:
until now, there has been little training aimed at pros like you. A beginner’s course is out of the question: you already know what aperture and ISO mean.

This workshop is the solution:  in one session, Michael helps you learn the ins and outs of your camera flash system and the essential accessories, as well as the essential modern techniques.

Your Coach

Michael Willems ( is among North America’s premier teachers of photography, as well as being an experienced professional photographer.  An engineer by training, Michael teaches basic photography at Henry’s School of Imaging, and teaches advanced subjects to individuals, companies, and photographers.

Michael is an inspirational speaker who uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and has taught many photographers how to become more productive by getting most out of their equipment. His engaging and entertaining style ensures that you will learn in an effective way.


Toronto, 19 March, 11AM - 3:30pm. Act now and take the next step! If you are ready to learn how to use flash technology to make you more productive, reserve your space today. Space is strictly limited.





Michael Willems
& Special Guest Star David Honl!

David setting up a creative shot during “Advanced Flash” in Phoenix, AZ; March 2010

Photojournalist David Honl, creator of the Honl small flash modifiers

Special Guest Star: David Honl

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